Cuisine locale et de proximité

La gastronomie joue un rôle fondamental dans l'expérience Sa Pedrissa. Notre emplacement privilégié, à 2,5 kilomètres de Deià, l'une des plus belles villes de Majorque et au milieu de la Serra de Tramuntana avec une vue impressionnante sur la Méditerranée et l'imposante chaîne de montagnes majorquine, fait vivre aux hôtes et aux visiteurs de notre restaurant un moment Idyllique et une gastronomie inoubliable.


Marcel Ress y el chef Adrián

Led by Marcel Ress and chef Adrían, the kitchen team and lounge of “Es Pi” aim to offer a journey for your senses, stimulating each one of them through flavours, textures, colours, details and of course, the background views that accompany us for dinner or lunch. 

The aromas of our land and the reinvention of the Majorcan cuisine delight visitors with a seasonal menu which varies its fresh products from our farm and local producers who supply us here at “Es Pi”. 

Thus, at Es Pi we offer a full gastronomic experience in the purest Mediterranean style and in an exceptional setting. We are looking forward to having you! 


Es Pi Restaurant

Cuisine locale et de proximité

La tradition, les racines et la culture de Majorque sont le point de départ de notre restaurant « Es Pi ». Sous la houlette de Marcel Ress, gagnant de Top Chef Espagne en 2015 et intervenant en tant que conseiller gastronomique, nous avons créé un concept dans lequel les saveurs, les couleurs et les arômes de notre terroir sont présents dans chaque plat. Avec un menu de saison, « Es Pi » accueille aussi bien les clients de l’hôtel que les visiteurs souhaitant vivre une véritable expérience gastronomique au cœur de la nature.

  • Petit déjeuner: de 8h30 à 10h30
  • Le déjeuner: de 13h00 à 15h30 (de mi-avril à mi-octobre)
  • Dîner: de 19h00 à 21h30 (hiver de 18h à 21h)

Restaurant fermé le dimanche sauf d'avril à octobre

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Es Mirador de Sa Pedrissa

A heavenly dining experience

Create a lifetime memory by booking a private lunch or dinner at the “Es Mirador de sa Pedrissa”.

For a maximum of 6 persons, talented chef Marcel Ress has designed a magnificent menu for you. This magical corner is ideal for special moments such as asking your partner’s hand in marriage, celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary, or marking a special birthday. Whatever the noteworthy moment, we guarantee there is no other dining spot as beautiful on the island.

The price per person is 225 Euros.
Opening hours for this special spot is: 13:00 – 15:00 & 19:00 - 21:30

For further information click here.

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Es Jardí

Chill out terrace at Sa Pedrissa

If you're picturing yourself having your favourite cocktail overlooking the Mediterranean sea and the Tramuntana mountain range, you're picturing yourself at our chill out terrace at Sa Pedrissa. Our only adults hotel is known for having one of the most spectacular locations on the island, offering a unique combination of sea and mountain views and that's exactly the backdrop you will be enjoying when visiting before or after dinner.

Immerse yourself in authentic Majorcan nature and try one of our classic or signature cocktails every day from 18h to 23h. If you want to have a quick bite, you can order something from our snack menu at one of the most iconic terraces in the Tramuntana mountain range. Come visit!

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At our estate we are lucky enough to have our own garden, for which we have incorporated a large part of the produce into our ingredients used in our colourful dishes, thanks to the concept of “0 km” it becomes completely palpable in the flavours that we offer here at our kitchen team at “Es Pi”.