Our Property

This hotel was once an old farmhouse dating back to the end of the 16th century.  It was mainly dedicated to the production of olive oil and in our restaurant you can still see the original olive press which produced oil up until the 1950s.

Our privileged location is just 2,5 kilometres from Deià, one of the most beautiful villages in Mallorca, situated in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana.

In this hideaway, the chirping of birds and the tinkling of goat bells are a constant reminder of where you are, and the staff at Sa Pedrissa will give you a warm welcome to this paradise. But be discreet!  This place is special and should only be shared with loved ones.



On our farm we care for a thriving community of bees, providing us with a wonderful honey production. The local beehives enrich our natural environment by encouraging pollination of our crops and local biodiversity. Our honey is unique, and is characterised by the slight aroma of carob from the nectar collected by our bees.

Sa Pedrissa

Olive Oil

Our land, with its hundreds of olive trees, is an enclave of tradition and sustainability. We carefully harvest the fruit from our olive trees and send it to the cooperative in Sóller. This collaboration underlines our commitment to quality and authenticity, ensuring that the oil enjoyed by our visitors comes directly from our property.

Sa Pedrissa


The presence of sheep at our agrotourism hotel adds a rural charm to our guests' experience and offers an authentic insight into life on the farm. The sheep also help to keep the dry pastures clean, conserve the ecosystem and prevent forest fires.

Sa Pedrissa

Olives Trencades

Our agrotourism hotel is an authentic paradise of local flavours. We cultivate olive trees with love and dedication, and use their fruits to create a traditional delicacy known as "olives trencades", (broken olives) a traditional artisan process of pickling olives, which highlights the richness of the region's gastronomic culture.

Our recipe for olives trencades is a true culinary treasure.

Sa Pedrissa

Aromatic herb garden

Sa Pedrissa has an aromatic herb garden which plays a fundamental role on our estate, as it produces essential ingredients for the creation of high quality artisan liqueurs, a perfect complement to our dishes.

Sa Pedrissa


The guinea fowl at our agrotourism hotel also play a fundamental role, as they help to maintain control over the insect populations, thus promoting the health of the environment and the sustainability of the farm.

Sa Pedrissa

Donkeys & Ponies

In our agrotourism area, donkeys and ponies enhance the connection between rural life, nature, and our guests. These charming donkeys are integral to the Mediterranean landscape, contributing to the cleanliness of the property by munching on wild shrubs and performing important tasks. Their friendly demeanour adds a delightful touch to the Sa Pedrissa experience for guests who enjoy approaching them to say hello and share apples or carrots, which can be requested at the front desk.

Sa Pedrissa

Adopt an olive tree

Embrace the spirit of Sa Pedrissa and become a part of our conservation journey with our "Adopt an Olive Tree" programme. By adopting an olive tree, you will contribute to the preservation of these historical groves and play a vital role in restoring them to their former glory.

Adopt an Olive tree today and sow the seeds of a greener future.

Sa Pedrissa